looking for the ultimate vibrator ?

Most sex toys promote themselves as giving the most mind-blowing orgasms ever, and are packaged to look expensive and worth the considerable purchase price. However, once opened you cannot get a refund for ‘hygiene reasons’. To put it bluntly, in consumer law as long as a vibrator vibrates, then it is working! Be very wary of the marketing claims and so called ‘independent’ reviews. Their purpose is to get you to buy the product. When you then find your purchase is just another well designed, expensive, but ineffective vibrating toy, it is too late and you cannot get a refund.

tingletip is clearly not the biggest, quietest, most expensive, or most complicated sex toy. So why do we call tingletip the ultimate vibrator?

Well it just works, is small, simple and convenient. It is easy to keep your electric toothbrush charged, and it is so discreet you can leave it lying around or pack it wherever you go. The ‘ultimate’ claim is based on the fact that given a drawer full of sex toys, for many of our customers tingletip becomes their toy of choice.

With tingletip there is no risk of a wasted purchase. You can buy tingletip at no risk with a full international 30 day money-back guarantee, even after opening and use. You will have to buy a compatible electric toothbrush (which we cannot refund) but these are recommended by dentists anyway.

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tingletip voted best sex toy 2008 by readers of DIVA, Europe's leading lesbian magazine

30 day money-back guarantee

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